With many people trying to get back in shape, liposuction has emerged as a surgical boon to help people fulfill their desire to have a healthy, fat-free body. 

Breast Augmentation

You can expand your breasts by injecting your own fat (a process known as “lipofilling”) or by placing breast implants.

Tummy Tuck

Remove the excess fat from your abdomen to achieve your goal of a flat belly.

Gynecomastia Surgery (Surgery for Male Breasts or Man boobs)

Let go of your concern that makes you feel uncomfortable in public places and give your confidence and self-esteem a boost with this procedure.


Lipofilling (Fat Grafting) for the body (Breast and Butts)

Breasts and buttocks can be augmented by lipofilling or fat grafting/transfer to give them the correct shape and volume.

Arm lift (Brachioplasty)

Remove your excess skin to get a more toned and balanced appearance.

Thigh Lift

Get rid of slackening thighs and achieve proportionate contours with smoother skin.

Hi-Definition Liposuction for 6-Pack Abs

A procedure that can define your abdominal muscle and help you achieve the fit body of your dreams.

Hand rejuvenation with fat grafting

An increasingly common procedure for a safe and effective method for restoring a more youthful appearance to the hand.